Floyd Marinescu

I'm grateful for the the opportunity to live a life full of creativity, learning, love, and growth.  
 I'm passionate about:
 - culture, purpose, and values-driven companies and teams
 - health and wellness
 - awareness awareness awareness

In my worklife, I believe that software is changing the world; I'm CEO and co-founder of  C4Media, whose purpose is to empower people influencing innovation in their software development teams. We do this through:
  • InfoQ.com -  1 million unique/visitor month practitioner-written news & content community published in 5 languages. It is equalizing access to trends and innovation across geographic boundaries. 
  • QCon conferences are annually run software development conferences with 500 - 1200 attendees each in London, New York, San Francisco, New York, Sao Paolo, Rio, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo. 
My company is completely virtual with 46 full-time members spanning Brazil, US, Canada, Romania, Greece, and China, franchisees in Japan and France, as well as over 150 part time software developers serving as editors in all those regions. 

When I was 21 I created TheServerSide.com Java community which also hit 500,000 people/month before it sold (I didn't own it). 

I left TSS in 2005 to co-found C4Media, the vision was to create a highly technical peer/community-driven news & media company led by strong sense of purpose, values, and team. 

C4Media stands for "Community of Communities, by the Community and for the Community."